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Microphone Headphones

Model AE-2902 Model AE-9092 NEW!
This full sized headset model has an in-line microphone and volume control. The microphone is conveniently located high on the cord so it is close to the user’s mouth keeping voices and volume levels in labs quiet. It has a 3.5mm 4-Conductor plug with Stereo Audio and Microphone making it compatible devices such as iPads®, Chromebooks® and more!

Model AE-2981 Model AE-36
The perfect match for use with devices with a single headphone jack that operates both the speakers and microphone such as some tablet computers and newer laptops. It has a 6' cord, single 3.5mm stereo plug, flexible microphone, and permanent padded vinyl earpads. The headband is padded and adjustable making it a great choice for all ages.

Model AE-2981 Model AE-350
This headset using one AAA battery (not included) to actively block out surrounding noises. It has a flexible microphone, vinyl earpads and headband, and volume control. It also has dual 3.5mm stereo plugs.

Model AE-2981

Model AE-981USB
This comfortable, padded headphone with noise cancelling microphone and volume control has a
USB plug for superior sound.

12CPAE981 – 12 piece Classroom Pack available

Model SMB-25

Model SMB-25VC

This is the same durable headset as our model SMB-25 but with volume control on the cord so students can listen at their own comfortable level.

12CPSMB25VC – 12 piece Classroom Pack available

Model AE-908

Model AE-18
has an extra durable microphone that adjusts both up and down and closer to the user’s mouth. It has easy to clean vinyl earpads, dual 3.5mm plugs and a 6’ cord.

30CPAE18 – 30 piece Classroom Pack available

Model AE-425 Model CD-858MF
Gaming headset has flashing lights and true rumble vibration with deep bass effect. 108" extension cord.

Model AV-44

Model AV-44 
A high quality and durable stereo headphone with a sensitive microphone encased in the headset and
covered with a wind guard.

30CPAV44 – 30 piece Classroom Pack available

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