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audio splitter Audio Splitter     
Want to use the AE-36 with a computer that has two jacks? That’s easy with our TRRS Plug Adaptor. It takes a single TRRS plug and changes it to dual plugs giving you one plug for the microphone and one plug for the speakers.

audio splitter Audio Splitter     
Share movies, music, and educational software with this useful audio splitter. Plug two headphones with
3.5mm (1/8”) plugs into one source.  Perfect for computers, personal DVD Boom Boxes, CD Boom Boxes and much more.

Created to help prevent 3.5mm pin breakage, the inline Fishbone adapter flexes when the attached audio cable is suddenly pulled from the jack at an angle. This allows the 3.5mm pin to disengage smoothly. 

earpads Replaceable Earpad Covers      
Replaceable earpad covers keep headphones clean and hygienically safe especially when worn by several users.  These come in several sizes to fit a variety of headphones. 

earpads Earpads
These soft, padded earpads are easy to clean. Contact AVID for sizes available.

storage bags Storage Bag
AVID has different storage bags to keep your headphones and earbuds clean and ready for use. Storage bags also help prevent the spread of lice. Contact AVID for types and sizes of bags available.
sound amplifier Volume Control Adaptor
Add volume control to any pair of headphones so each student can listen at their comfortable volume.

adapters 6.3mm Adapter     
Attaches easily to 3.5mm plugs to allow one headphone to fit both plug sizes.

Replacement earpads for headphones Replacement earpads   
Replace earpads for multiple uses of one headphone.
Extension Cord Extension Cord 
Extend your headphones 10 extra feet with this extension cord with a 3.5mm stereo jack.
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